Give gardening a's good for you!

‘Gardening has probably saved my life’: one thriving Glasgow community

At this vital community space in Govan, locals are mucking in for the good of everyone’s health.  Click the image to read how gardening changed the lives of a community in Scotland.

If you want to give gardening a go, check out our Sembra 'sow and grow your own' kits for children and adults.  They make super gifts at anytime of the year!


Give gardening a go with Sembra

Gardening is good for you Sembra sow and grow your own Traditional Garden Games

The HTA’s ‘Gardening is good for you’ campaign reveals just how good gardening is for everyone.

All ages can be inspired to 'give gardening a go' with Sembra 'sow and grow your own' kits.  Choose from over 20 kits to grow your own produce from seed - whatever the time of year!  

Check out more about the @HTAnews  'Gardening is good for you' campaign for 2018 here.

If you are a UK or Ireland retailer and would like to stock the Sembra range in your store, please drop Traditional Garden Games' sales team a call on +(0) 44 777 68742 or email



It's Friday & International Gin & Tonic Day!

Traditional Garden Games Sembra Cocktail Kit sow your own herbs

Today is the best day EVER!

It's Friday AND International Gin & Tonic Day

If you enjoy creating your own #gin based #cocktails at home, check out our best selling Sembra 'sow and grow your own herbs' kit for cocktails.  Everything is in the box! Just add water and a little L❤️VE, and you'll soon be snipping at your own #homegrown fresh herbs to add to your drinks.

Click here to buy the Sembra Cocktail kit 

#internationalginandtonicday  #growyourown #giftideas International Gin and Tonic Day #gandt @jawboxgin #jawboxgin  Jawbox Gin

Little green fingers are LOVING the Sembra 'sow and grow your own' kits


This year Traditional Garden Games introduced a wonderful range of 'sow and grow your own' kits for both adults and children. From BIG summer salad to strawberry and the adult Cocktail kits - the Sembra range of over 20 kits, is proving to be a real hit with all ages. 

Check out snippets of what consumers are saying about the children's 5 star rated BIG Herb kit....

  2. A good quality product, nice easy clear instructions on what to do, lots of fun to be had planting the seeds and watching them grow. My boys love it.
  4. Great way to teach younger ones the importance of taking care of the seeds right until the end and makes it fun it’s all child friendly.
  6. I was Impressed at the amount of product you receive.
Traditional Garden Games Sembra Herb 'sow and grow your own' kit


Traditional Garden Games; Warehouse Upgrade October 2018

Over the last 12 months, Traditional Garden Games has been developing its warehouse facilities for distribution direct to the trade, of its range of over 60 garden games.

In early 2018, the company introduced a further 10 games to its collection. With a global reach, demand for our new additions has been exceptionally positive, with Big Fish Little Fish, Tug of War, Wooden Boule and Horse Shoe Pitching already proving to be top sellers! We also secured exclusive UK and Ireland distribution rights to the Sembra 'sow and grow your own' kits. With all this new stock, we were struggling to find suitable storage space!

After a bumper season, during September and October Traditional Garden Games has been busy focusing on upgrading its storage capabilities by extending the warehouse's racking system. The company has also improved and adapted other lean warehouse management systems - allowing the team to fulfill orders (large or small) effectively and efficiently.  With our centralised warehousing facilities, Traditional Garden Games can now seamlessly distribute pallet and carton orders.  Our improved pick and pack facility, also allows the business to offer dropshipping services for trade customers.

A big shout out to our super organised and hardworking Warehouse Manager, Danielle - who prepared the area for the new racking.  And of course, thank you to Racking & Shelving NI for safely assembling the shelving units in the timeframe given.

Coming soon:  Videos of our 'lean' warehouse systems.


October 16, 2018 by Alexandra Moore

We LOVE what customers are saying about our games

Traditional Garden Games product reviews

This year, Traditional Garden Games introduced a number of new games to the market.  As a wholesaler, we're so excited to share with you, consumer product reviews for a number of products currently retailed by one of our customers.

Traditional garden Games Big Fish Little Fish


'My two boys absolutely loved this game. They tried it on the floor seeing who could get the biggest number on the back of the fish. The game is really well made and good quality. So many different games you could play with it and it is educational too with the different numbers on each fish they can count and add up their score'

Traditional Garden Games Junior Skittles


'I have to say, I wasn't sure what to expect with this in terms of the quality but, it's so well made! My children love bowling and they really enjoyed playing with this. The colours are brilliant and the skittles are made of sturdy wood. Well packaged and a great little toy to keep the children entertained!'

Traditional Garden Games play parachute

Giant Play Parachute 3.4m: SUCH FUN AND REALLY ROBUST

'So, off we went to Grandma and Grandads for the day and took the parachute with us. It folds relatively small so easy to pack. My son and daughter (ages 4 and 2) loved it! 4 adults grabbed handles and shook as they dived in and out underneath. We then put teddies on the top and watched them bounce. It's well made and I have no concerns of durability. Plenty of stitching.'

Traditional Garden Games Wooden Dominoes 


'The dominoes are great! With them being wooden, they are not flimsy and are heavy so don’t blow outside! Also they’re great to use indoors, (whether that is playing dominoes or building towers like my 4 year old!) With them being big, they’re also great to get little ones practicing counting with them! I would recommend, as a garden or inside game!'

If you're looking for alternative gift ideas for Christmas or birthdays, check out the complete new range on our website here

Glee 2018: We're bang on trend with our garden games and SEMBRA 'sow & grow' kits

Glee 2018 - trends for 2019

At this time of year, tens of thousands of garden centre retailers from across the globe, flock to the Glee exhibition in Birmingham, to find out about the latest and greatest trends, and see the most innovative products on the market. 

Returning for a second year to Glee, the Retail Lab is an exciting and interactive showcase area for retailers and buyers to source inspiration and insight into the latest shopping trends and products.

This year, it's all about Happy Gardening at Glee's Retail Lab

Happy Gardening is about showing everybody, even those who have no experience with gardening, that it should be fun, that you’re allowed to make mistakes and not being afraid to try new things.

Retail Lab Happy Gardening

The Retail Lab highlights 5 themes to the Happy Gardening concept

  • Play
  • Grow your own
  • Feel good
  • Easy gardening
  • Pets

We're #bangontrend

Here at Traditional Garden Games, we love how our eclectic range of garden games and inspirational Sembra 'sow & grow' kits are ticking plenty of boxes for retailers and consumers 

PLAY: With over 60 games, you can enjoy your garden more and have #familyfun with Traditional Garden Games.  From BIG retro board games to classic lawn sports and just for fun games - our products will create fun and happy memories. Check out the full range here

FEEL GOOD: Through play you will feel good about spending time outdoors with loved ones #makingmemories and with our inspirational Sembra 'sow & grow' kits, you can 'feel good about growing your own food'.  Check out the full range here

GROW YOUR OWN: Feel good about growing your own food! With our Sembra kits children and adults can together, enjoy growing their own produce - even on their kitchen windowsill. Check out the full range here

Find out more about The Retail Lab's themes @Glee_Birmingham by popping over to their website here

Feel GOOD by growing your own FOOD!

At Traditional Garden Games, we're in the business of creating fun and happy memories.  Over the last 20 years, we have developed a range of classic and retro garden games which encourage all ages to get outside and have FUN! 
Gardens are spaces that make us happy :o)
Gardens have an impact on our happiness AND well-being and early in 2018,  Team TGG was super excited to add over 20 Sembra 'sow and grow your own kit' to a eclectic range of games.
Feel GOOD and grow your own FOOD :o)
Get your little seedlings interested in gardening with Sembra's inspirational range of easy to follow 'sow & grow your own' kits.  From BIG Summer Flower to Cherry Tomato and Strawberry - the Sembra range offers an alternative gift idea for all ages to have fun growing their own produce at home - together!
Why should children have all the fun?
Adult Sembra sow and grow your own kits


Did you know?....

'Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements with the number of Brits choosing a plant-based diet rising by more than 360 per cent over the past decade,' explains The Greenhouse People. Coupled with rising food prices, the real need to reduce plastic use and a growing appreciation of organic produce, in 2018 the 'grow your own at home' movement  has seen a resurgence.


No kitchen is too small for a pot or two of fresh herbs and even a windowsill has room for a little basil or thyme.  Sembra's specially selected aromatic herb kits for adults, will have you snipping at fresh herbs and adding bundles to home-cooked dishes and drinks. 

Make a gift extra special with Cocktail, Herbal Infusion, Culinary or Salad sow and grow kit.  Have a peak at our complete selection of sow and grow your own kits here.  Whatever the celebration, grow more smiles with Sembra.



August 30, 2018 by Alexandra Moore

Hook a winner during National Fishing Month 2018

 From now until 29th August, fishery owners, angling clubs and coaches across the UK are celebrating #NationalFishingMonth and encouraging all ages to give #fishing a go! 

On this fishing theme, why not check out our charming new game for 2018  Big Fish, Little Fish  .....yes, it does come in a cardboard box 😆 #rememberthattune #memories

You'll hook an absolute winner with 'Big Fish, Little Fish'. Lots of fun in a cardboard box. Whose 'catch' has the highest score or who can 'hook' the most fish against the clock? Lovely game for your little tiddlers to play on their own, with a friend or with big kids 

Available to buy from Argos  5 Review

What's in the box? 
10 x Numbered wooden fish in pastel colours (15cm - 25cm long)
2 x Fishing Rods (Rod 45cm, fishing line 40cm with hook)
Suitable: 3yrs +

Traditional Garden Games Big Fish Little Fish National Fishing Month

Pack some FUN for your Summer Staycation

Whether you're enjoying your holidays at home, heading to the countryside or coast with your tent or caravan - don't forget to pack the summer fun essentials!

From our best selling GIANT Snakes & Ladders, to Ludo, Noughts & Crosses and Draughts - keep everyone entertained during the school holidays with our BIG fun board games. Play indoors or outside!

#summerholidays #makememories #familyfun

Want to buy? Click on the links to direct you to our secure online shop

Giant Snakes & Ladders 3m 

Garden Snakes & Ladders 2m

Giant Garden Ludo

Garden Draughts

Garden Noughts & Crosses